Tony Cece Humanitarian Photographer Elephant LogoAs I launch this new site and blog, I thought it would be appropriate to create a new logo that I can grow with and use to represent myself. Granted, I really prefer taking pictures of people more than animals or landscapes, but that would all change for a moment if an elephant were present.  I have always been intrigued by elephants and considered it to be my favorite species of animal. For some odd reason, I have worked hard to pass that along to my nearly 2 year old son, Dino.  I’ve been very happy to see that he has taken a special liking to elephants as well.  When I sing to him, “Elephant,” he responds by stomping his feet and saying, “Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.”  As I was searching iStockphoto for an elephant image that would work in my logo, he walked over and pointed to the elephant graphic that is now part of my logo and said, “Wuzzat (What’s That)?”.  That is what he always does when he spots an elephant and I respond, “That is an elephant, Dino.”  This image was a vector image that had a green background and some other items that would’ve made me overlook it as I looked for items that were already cut out.  I decided to grab a comp version because he pointed to it.  There were over 30 options that I grabbed to test before purchasing, but Dino’s choice was the winner.  I made a few minor changes to make it unique, but it was the perfect selection.  I love knowing that my little boy was a part of this process and I feel that it will have lasting place in my branding.  I may change fonts and layout, but the elephant chosen is very special to me.  He is my 2-year-old art director.

Tony Cece Humanitarian Photographer Elephant Stamp Logo

To put the new “stamp” logo to quick use, I am also giving away a free desktop image with my new watermark.  I shot this photo in Seguin, Haiti while working with the wonderful organization, RainCatchers.  While enjoying an evening under the stars talking with my old friend David and my new friend Bob, the director of RainCatchers, I captured a bunch of fun night shots.  This was one of my favorites.  While we sat in the darkness, you could see lights in the distance from the Dominican Republic.

Seguin Haiti Stars(click on the image to get the full size wallpaper image)