An image has the power to promote change. Harness that power and use it for good.
(Digital drawing created with 53’s Paper app for iPad)

It is almost 2am, but I’ve had a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head as I look forward to attending Regent University’s “Seeking Justice for the Least of These” symposium tomorrow. Part of me was thinking about how great it is to hear people speaking about the great work they are doing to help child welfare systems and combat child trafficking, but another part of me wished I was doing something to make a difference. I know, it’s funny to hear that from a guy working at an NGO. Hear me out. What I was longing for was a chance to be working directly with programming that offers hope and changes lives. Then I stopped to remember the important role photographers and journalists play as communicators. We are able to help fund the programs and directly impact lives. Our stories and images are agents of change. I am blessed to be able to use my camera to bring about positive change in a way that engages strangers to act on behalf of someone they have never met – all because of a picture, story, or video. We are able to imagine change and use an image to start it. How cool is that?