This weekend my wife asked me to take some new photos of the boys, but I made the mistake of leaving my Canon 5D Mark II at work. I had taken it in as a backup camera for the office because I had our cameras with me in Mali. The weather was gray here and I decided that it would be fun to do some “tough boy” photos. I recently purchased an EZFoto adapter that allows me to use my Canon flashes – more importanly my Pocketwizards – with my Sony NEX-5N. Here are a few of the fun photos I took with my boys in a very short window of time – due to the cold weather.

I used the kit Sony 18-55mm lens and the Pocketwizard to trigger a Canon 580EX II flash with a Lumiquest Promax diffuser.

I love this little camera and the power it packs in a small body because of its APS-C sensor.  Having adapters for external flashes and vintage lenses makes it even more powerful.  Hoping to harness this power out in the field someday very soon.

I would highly recommend the Sony NEX line of cameras to anyone looking for a small camera with interchangeable lenses.  The NEX-5n has been replaced by the NEX-5R which has added a few great features – wireless sharing is one of them.  I am highly anticipating the replacement for the NEX-7.  The NEX-7 has a better sensor than the 5 and more dials to manually adjust the features on-the-fly.  It is exciting to see what Sony is doing with mirrorless cameras.

(Photos quickly edited in Adobe Lightroom and using Camera+ on my iPhone.)