I had the honor of spending time with Ms Edith and over 5o joy-filled children that are in her care at Hope In Christ Orphanage Mission just outside Monrovia, Libera. Ms. Edith is an amazing woman. During the Liberian conflict, Edith started helping children in 1992 because of conflict in Liberia that left them orphaned. It started with one baby she found and rescued only to lose her own child soon after. The stories she told were tragic, but her compassion and calling has allowed many children to succeed under difficult circumstances. I pray that my life can be even 1/4 as touching as hers. Her life hasn’t been easy and she is a mother to hundreds of children in Liberia – and because of their success, she has a Joy that many cannot even imagine.

Operation Blessing saw the impact that Ms. Edith was making in Liberia and wanted to help her improve the conditions they live in and learn in.  They all work hard to be able to have food to eat, an education, medical care, and a place to sleep.  All of the buildings on the campus of the orphanage have been built by the older children that have come through the orphanage.  They make the mud bricks on-site and build the walls.  The roofing materials are purchased from proceeds they generate by from proceeds of their garden and by making and selling coal.

Ms. Edith knows the value of an education and has built a school for the younger children on the campus and pays for the older children to attend school.  Costs of medicine when they are, teacher stipends for her school, and other costs that come up has kept them from being able to finish cementing school walls and fixing leaking roofs that are deteriorating the buildings.  Operation Blessing saw the need and worked to fix up the buildings and providing the help she needed to continue raising up children that are making a difference in Liberia.  From humble beginnings, she has raised up doctors, nurses, teachers, pastors, and government workers.

She has dedicated her life to these children and is an inspiration.  Watch the video and let her be an inspiration to you.

Children of Hope In Christ Orphanage Mission in Monrovia Liberia

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