On my last day in Roatan, Honduras I woke up early to capture HDR images of the beach outside my hotel at sunrise. The sun was rising behind me, but the color of the light was still seen on the clouds in the sky on my side of the island. It was the only morning I had available because every other day we were up early to travel to the island of St. Helene. In order to capture the beautiful sky and still expose the rock/reef peninsula I was shooting, I had to shoot multiple exposures to combine as an HDR image using Photomatix. Because I was shooting raw I could have pushed the shadows in Adobe Lightroom, but I also wanted the drama that the HDR image would bring to the seen. This video shows how I captured them and used a graduated ND filter to retain detail in the images.

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef, Beach and Palm Trees In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Boats and Dock In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef and Beach In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef with Boat In HDR