After 26 hours of traveling I’m off to bed under the cover of a mosquito net in Kenya. 

I am are here to capture media about the continued growth of Operation Blessing’s work with the Maasai people. It’s one of my favorite projects to cover because I’m fascinated by their surroundings, way of life, and the impact these programs on their lives. 

This trip is especially fascinating because the Maasai are having a celebration where the warriors become elders. This event only takes place once every 15 years. We have the amazing opportunity to join young men from the community we work in as they go through the process of becoming elders. 

That’s all for now. I need to fall back to sleep. It is 4am here and I have a few more hours of recovery sleep I can harness before we start our journey tomorrow. 

Interesting fact about me: I typically sleep with lights on when I travel in an attempt to not sleep so deeply that I won’t wake up to my alarm. If you ask my wife, I sleep so deep that I’m really hard to wake up. This light trick seems to work for me. I turned on another light after taking this photo because it was too dark.