I had the unique opportunity to see and feed the large Amazon River fish featured on and episode of the River Monsters TV show – the Arapaima (called Paiche in Peru). We were filming stories about a woman who Operation Blessing Peru helped by restoring her taxi boat business after a “river monster” destroyed it and many other boats and latrines they have built near the shore line. In this particular case, it was a very large Anaconda that was making its way out as the water was receding in her community of BelĂ©n. The wildlife that inhabits the waters of the Amazon River are very interesting and pretty terrifying to see in the wild and think about living alongside.

The waters of the river are used by families to in many ways: bathing, washing dishes, as a bathroom, and as a source for food and income – talk about a risky business. We’ve heard stories and seen the scars of fish bites (said to have been piranhas) from people bathing. So we went to get some footage of these different “river monsters” and see them in person.

I must say, I didn’t expect the Arapaima to be so beautiful. The red markings were so vibrant.