The Gear.

I receive quite a few questions about the type of gear that I use, so I wanted to go ahead and make that list available.  While most of my lenses for work are the “L series,” I personally own many of their cheaper counterparts and am very happy with the results I get with them.  They don’t get the same abuse and face the harsh weather conditions of the lenses I travel with, so the build quality of my personal lenses doesn’t need to be as good.

Porter Case PCI Deluxe Camera Case I’m in complete agreement with most photographers who say gear doesn’t make the photo.  I also know that there are some shots you just can’t get without the right gear.  My aim is to never let the gear keep me from taking great photos.  There may be shots you can’t get because your lens isn’t wide enough, but how creative can you be to come away with something different that is just as great or better than your original thought for the shot?

One of my favorite pieces of gear has to be the Porter Case PCi Deluxe.  Not only is it a rugged plastic case that has a TSA lock built into the center latch, but it also transforms into a dolly for the rest of your luggage.  I don’t know how many of you have ever tried maneuvering three wheeled cases with a backpack on your back through foreign airports – it can be frustrating.  With this case, I am able to stack all of my luggage (up to 150lbs, which I never have had) and wheel one cart in and out of the airport.  It is quite brilliant.  Click the photo for more details at B&H.



For other gear I’m currently using see my Pinterest board: My Gear. 


Here’s a look inside my Porter Case I use at work.

Tony Cece Camera Gear

The Decision To Go With Mirrorless Cameras

Video from Pelewanhun, Sierra Leone showing the gear I was using on that trip.