1207, 2013

“Water Is Life.” Digital Art Project

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Water Is Life Digital Art Project

In my travels around the world, there is one thing that I hear over and over, “Water is life.” Granted, unclean water can lead to sickness and death, but the lack of water is even more detrimental.  Not only does our body need water to live, but it is also instrumental for growing crops, keeping animals, […]

3012, 2012

25 Days Of Christmas (Photos)

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Christmas is past, but I have a fun idea that you can use next year.  My wife decided to start getting our Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving this year.  At first I thought it was crazy, but it really helped bring back some of the childhood excitement that surrounds Christmas.  That isn’t the idea, this is —> Create a Christmas countdown calendar with photos for the following year.  This year I decided to create a new image every day of December and post them on Instagram, culminating on Christmas Day – 25 days total.  It was a fun creative exercise that helped me get into the Christmas spirit.  I love the twinkle of Christmas from the lights, garland,  glitter, ornaments, to sun shining through falling snow (unfortunately I don’t see that very often since moving to VA) and wanted to capture it.


1908, 2012

Finding Freedom In Other Forms Of Creativity

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Misty Morning Lake Lake Painting

Misty Morning Lake, 2012

There is something freeing about expressing yourself creatively outside of the realms where you feel comfortable.  Tonight I pulled out my plastic bin of paint supplies to find a creative release on a rainy day.  I had a photography session scheduled today that was cancelled by the […]

502, 2012

Making of 316:LOVE Project – Take Love Global

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This past week we launched a new 316 Valentine’s campaign at Operation Blessing. It was an incredibly fun process of collaboration by our media team. It started with a brainstorming meeting where we came up with the idea to make 316 a symbol of love. This symbol came from John 3:16, “For God so loved the world.”

From that dialogue I created a script that developed the concept seen in the finished video. There were a couple levels of adaptation as it went through editing and approval processes. Once it was approved, we had about 48 hours to get the physical money in multiples of 316, shoot the stop motion, draw the cartoon intro, edit, animate, find music, record the voice over and upload for distribution. […]

801, 2012

An iPhone Captures New York City

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An iPhone Captures New York City Blurb Book

All images contained in this book were taken with an iPhone 4S. It was my first trip to New York City, so the images captured reflect my desire to see as many popular spots as I could during my brief one day and a half in the city. They are wide shots that show the larger […]

1107, 2011

Buy An Original Tony Cece Fine Art Polaroid Series.

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Framed Original Fine Art Polaroid Series: Summertime Roses

“Summertime Roses” is a triptych series I shot on a Polaroid SX-70 on Silver Shade film from The Impossible Project.  It has idiosyncrasies and imperfections that make the photos have vintage character minutes after they eject from the camera.

I love art. I like looking at photography and filling my home and office with fun […]

207, 2011

Rural Images From The City

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Weeds grow on a rusty fence in the city.

These photos were taken at the same time and location as the photos in the previous post. The editing process (color, softness, and dark exposure) are all based on the original intent to put these in a frame that has a vintage oval styling.  These depth of field […]

2706, 2011

It Is Not The Camera. It Is Vision.

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Yesterday I was finishing up projects around the house and saw my new picture frame sitting the floor in my closet. While I worked, I started thinking about photos that would look good in this oval frame. I bounced between the idea of a clean letter “C” or an aged looking photo. My mind started visualizing an older part of town that has rusty factories, fences, […]

1406, 2011

Humanitarian Inspiration from the Song: “Faint Not”

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Today was a day filled with travel and a search for inspiration as I made my way back to Joplin, MO to meet up with the Operation Blessing disaster relief team that has been hard at work since the tornado turned the city upside down. My life has been very busy and it feels like I just left Joplin a couple days ago. Our team is working on several exciting projects that I […]

1504, 2011

Samer At Bethlehem Mosaics Is An Example For Us All

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I’m really excited to be sharing this video and photoblog about a wonderful livelihood project that Operation Blessing is helping with near Bethlehem. Why am I excited?  Because the project started because a young man named Samer decided to put others before himself.  How, you ask?  Samer is a very talented mosaic artist who decided to leave his job at a shop he had worked at for 9 years, take a pay […]