2906, 2015

PackH2O Backpack For Esther. 

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  Ran into Esther today, who I first met in Kenya 3 years ago when Operation Blessing drilled a well in her village. The photo of her carrying a bucket of water on her backed using a strap on her head has been used to show the benefits of PackH2O water backpacks in USA Today newspapers and for media associated their Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt people’s choice award for design. 


 I was […]

2506, 2015

Arrived In Kenya

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After 26 hours of traveling I’m off to bed under the cover of a mosquito net in Kenya. 

I am are here to capture media about the continued growth of Operation Blessing’s work with the Maasai people. It’s one of my favorite projects to cover because I’m fascinated by their surroundings, way of life, and the impact these programs on their lives. 

This trip is especially fascinating because the Maasai are having a celebration […]

2405, 2014

Free Lightroom 5 Preset: Vintage Reds

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TCece_Vintage_Red_Effect_PolaroidAfter reviewing stats to my site and seeing that many of you are drawn by my Lightroom Presets, I’ve decided to start adding more of the presets I’ve created for sets of my photos.  I went back into some of my recent trips and found the Vintage Reds presets I created for my Kenya Maasai photos.  You can see the dramatic before and after in […]

1604, 2014

An Inexpensive Light to Photograph Titai the Maasai Mother

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I arrived in Kimana, Kenya without any lights and had to improvise to be able to shoot video and photos in their homes.  Watch this video to see the cheap and easy solution I found for this photo and for the videos I created to tell their stories.

1402, 2014

These Giraffes & I Wish You A Happy Valentine’s Day

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Two Giraffes Making a Heart

This is a photo that I probably couldn’t capture again if I tried – it happened naturally. We spotted several giraffes along the road on our way to the village of Kimana, Kenya. After taking a few photos, we moved in closer and they ran away and stopped along the path to look back at us. I captured this […]

1010, 2013

A Widowed Maasai Mother’s Struggle To Survive

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Life is not easy for Maasai women in Kenya. While the men tend to their herd of animals, the women care for the children, cook meals, and build the homes they live in. For Susan, the last three years have been even more difficult after her husband passed away. I met Susan in Kimana, Kenya while the Operation Blessing team was doing surveys of the families in the community who benefit from their school […]

2009, 2013

Tito The Maasai Jewelry Maker

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I met Tito at the Operation Blessing farm in Kimana, Kenya. She is part of the new bead project that was started to help Maasai women earn extra income. Not only is she benefitting from the farm program, but she is also making Maasai jewelry to sell to local shops and tourists to earn extra income. I personally own some of the Maasai jewelry, but have also bought it to give as gifts. It is […]

1409, 2013

Mt Kilimanjaro From Behind The Camera

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Shooting time lapse in Kenya. It was a beautiful sunrise as the clouds rolled away and revealed majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro.

509, 2013

Zoomable Panorama Of Mt. Kilimanjaro Stitched From 18 Photos

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Mt Kilimanjaro Kenya Panorama

Ever since I attended the Time Lapse and Panorama workshop by Richard Harrington at NAB, I have been trying to incorporate these techniques into my photographic repertoire. Because most of my work is story-based, I had to add time to my day to capture these “extras” that aid the story but take more time to accomplish. My trip to Kenya was the […]

409, 2013

VIDEO: Shooting Time Lapse Of Mt. Kilimanjaro

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