203, 2014

Shooting The Reef In Roatan, Honduras At Sunrise

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On my last day in Roatan, Honduras I woke up early to capture HDR images of the beach outside my hotel at sunrise. The sun was rising behind me, but the color of the light was still seen on the clouds in the sky on my side of the island. It was the only morning I had available because every other day we were up early to travel to the island of St. Helene. In […]

902, 2014

When, Why and How To Save A Bad Photo

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While the best option is to make the image right when you are taking it, sometimes factors are beyond your control.  Every once in a while there are images we need to save.  Here is an image I didn’t get right while capturing it, why I wanted to save it, and how it was possible.  I post this, not to endorse making bad images, but because I was going to share the image and wanted […]

402, 2014

A New Direction: The Traveling Image

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Last year I felt myself going in new directions with my storytelling, photography, gear, and blog.  Sure we all grow, mature, and go through phases as we begin to develop our niche and discover ourselves artistically.  When I look back, I really like some of the things I’ve accomplished, but there are many things that make me chuckle when I compare them to the place I’m […]

601, 2014

Video Recording Glasses Review: Pivothead & Google Glass

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I had the pleasure of shooting video with both of these glasses on a recent trip to Haiti and wanted to share my experience with them. Both have their strong points, but I see Pivothead as the stronger of the two from a video production standpoint. Google Glass does have other features that make it a great tool for day-to-day wearing, but the video quality is not as good as Pivothead.

To check out the features […]

2808, 2013

Maasai Life Through A Child’s Eyes

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See how the Maasai live from a child’s perspective. Little 8-year-old Naresiah walks you around her village and home to show you what life is like for her. It was a blessing for me to spend time with her capturing her story and seeing the work that Operation Blessing is doing to help Naresiah and Maasai children like her.

1607, 2013

Saving The World From A Child’s Point Of View

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Captain America Dino

Welcome to my awesome world of superhero children.  Both of my boys are currently going through a superhero phase during an age when they understand role playing. It is a ton of fun. In their young minds, superheroes save the world – but make a point to say, “God can still beat up superheroes because He’s the strongest.”  We just finished painting and modifying a bunk bed we found for $35 on Craigslist to be a fun fort for them, complete with a slide.  Our youngest son Dominic just turned 3 and received costumes to allow them to transform into superheroes.  Now that the bed project is done and I have room in my garage again, I decided to turn it into a “bat cave” photo studio to entice my boys to come out for a superhero photo shoot.  So far I’ve only convinced Dino to dress up and come out, but I think that Domi will come around once he sees his brother’s, “Captain America,” photos.

Superhero Photo shoot setup

I used a two-flash setup to light the photos, knowing that I would be editing them into the images show here.  The look of the final product directed the lighting I was trying to achieve.  I was counting on using ambient light spilling through the garage door as my key, so that I could use my two flashes as side lights, but as you can see it took longer than expected to convince him to come get dressed and come out.  This was also my first attempt using my Fuji X-Pro1 with my Canon speedlites.  The setup worked pretty well, but I was disappointed that the fastest shutter speed I could operate my Pocketwizards was 1/125s.  While I love the shutter dial, the jump from 1/125s to 1/250s is a bit of a bummer.  With my 5D, I was usually at 1/200S.

Captain America Kid Triple ThreatRegardless of the techy stuff, everything came together and we had a lot of fun.  I showed him pictures of Captain America posters and poses and he did his best to mimic them – hilarious.  Since he is a 4-year-old model/director, it was comical to try to get him to do the poses I wanted – he always had a better idea.  At one point he took of his mask and put on the new swim goggles my wife had bought for him that night – she went shopping with Domi and I used the opportunity to be the crazy photographer dad.  I used the goggle photos to work on the lighting while still allowing him to offer his creative input.  After he ran around the yard adorned with his orange crab goggles, he came back ready for more photos as Captain America and turned on the charm – by charm, I mean, tough guy poses.  After about 10 minutes of shooting we called it a wrap and went in to slide down his new bunk bed slide.  Apparently superheroes slide faster – that or the fabric has something to do with it.Captain America Kid black background

I stayed up late and edited the photos so he could see them first thing in the morning.   In the end we didn’t save the world, but seeing the look of joy on his face when he saw his photos made him feel like he did.

Check out some of the unedited extras poses he through at me below. […]

1207, 2013

“Water Is Life.” Digital Art Project

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Water Is Life Digital Art Project

In my travels around the world, there is one thing that I hear over and over, “Water is life.” Granted, unclean water can lead to sickness and death, but the lack of water is even more detrimental.  Not only does our body need water to live, but it is also instrumental for growing crops, keeping animals, […]

707, 2013

How to create a photography eBook using your iPad

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How to create a Photography eBook using your iPadThings have been slow for me on social media, but it is not because my work has slowed down. In fact, it is the opposite. I’ve been working on some cool projects at Operation Blessing and have been using some of my free time at home to complete the projects – time that I would normally have used […]

2806, 2013

How to Geotag any photos and show them on a Google Map using an iPhone, Lightroom, Flickr, and iMapFlickr

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Over the years, I’ve tried different methods to keep GPS records of the places I’ve been and where I’ve taken photos. Until now, it has been a hassle and I have only done it a few times. Today I’m going to share with you my new process for placing photos and being able to share them on Google Maps. My method isn’t spot […]

104, 2013

Free Portrait Drama Lightroom 4 Preset

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I’ve been working on a bunch of photos from my trip to Liberia and Sierra Leone. While editing these photos, I came up with a new Lightroom 4 preset to use as I start working with images. I’ve been pretty happy with it for most of the images I apply it to. A few of the photos need a little tweaking of exposure, but this […]