2405, 2014

Free Lightroom 5 Preset: Vintage Reds

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TCece_Vintage_Red_Effect_PolaroidAfter reviewing stats to my site and seeing that many of you are drawn by my Lightroom Presets, I’ve decided to start adding more of the presets I’ve created for sets of my photos.  I went back into some of my recent trips and found the Vintage Reds presets I created for my Kenya Maasai photos.  You can see the dramatic before and after in […]

3001, 2014

Follow Along On My Winter Storm Leon Photo Shoot

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Something unusual happened and we received 6-8″ of snow in southern Virginia! I decided to get out early and grab a few shots of one of my favorite locations. Follow me along via POV camera to see what goes through my head when I set out for a shoot.

You can download the Lightroom 5 Preset I created for the low contrast B&W images here: TCece B&W Low Contrast


104, 2013

Free Portrait Drama Lightroom 4 Preset

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I’ve been working on a bunch of photos from my trip to Liberia and Sierra Leone. While editing these photos, I came up with a new Lightroom 4 preset to use as I start working with images. I’ve been pretty happy with it for most of the images I apply it to. A few of the photos need a little tweaking of exposure, but this […]

1605, 2012

Free “Punch Of Blue” Lightroom Preset

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TCece Punch Of Blue Lightroom Preset Example 1
As a thank you for reading my blog, here is a preset I created when I wanted to add a punch of blue to my images. I like the contrast that can be created when a little blue is injected into darker tones of the image. I’m still using LR3, but for those of you […]

2011, 2011

Free “Mixed Colors” Lightroom Preset

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Free Lightroom Preset TCece Mixed Colors Before and After Picture

I created this new Lightroom Preset for a set ofChristmas photos I shot of my son Dino today.  I am making it available for viewers of my blog for free as a way of thanking you for stopping by. This was […]

2406, 2011

3 Free Lightroom 3 Presets For June. *UPDATED*

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Free TCece Lightroom 3 Presets

PRESETS WERE UPDATED JULY 2, 2010 – I downloaded these presets for my work computer and realized I had grabbed the old versions of these files.  The link above and below have been updated with the new files.

I’m back with 3 new presets that I’ve created to share with people that read my blog.  It is also a […]

1704, 2011

Free “B&W Flat” Lightroom 3 Preset

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Praying At The Western Wall In Jerusalem, Israel

I like to be able to give back whenever and wherever I can. Sharing my Lightroom Presets is an easy way to help fellow photographers.  I’ve never really liked many of the Black and White presets that came with Lightroom and have had minimal luck with others that I have […]

2802, 2011

Free “Warm Weather” Lightroom 3 Preset

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TCece Warm Weather is a Lightroom 3 Preset I created for a recent photo shoot with my two boys.  I don’t normally create presets that I use to batch process all the photos from a shoot, but I decided to give it a try.  I was really happy with the result of the shoot and the preset.  Not only do I […]