1309, 2016

What’s In My Camera Bag? How To Travel With Carry-On Luggage Only

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I’m packing my bags for another trip and thought I’d share what I packed in them this time. It’s a rare non-international photo trip for…and I’m only going overnight, so it’s a bit different ball game than I’m used to. Here’s a quick look at what I decided to fit into my carry-on.

2201, 2016

Ricoh Theta S Workflow, Editing, Tips & Tricks

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I’ve been asked by several people about the workflow of the Ricoh Theta S camera, so I thought make a video available for everyone to see. It’s a pretty cool little Virtual Reality camera that makes it easy to create 360° videos. This workflow is created using a Mac computer, but is easily translated to your own editing systems and architecture if you use a PC. The only difference will be the software used to […]

906, 2015

Pivothead Smart Video Recording Glasses Unboxed

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The Pivothead Smart Architect Edition video recording glasses have finally arrived to those of us who back their Indiegogo campaign. For me, it is a highly anticipated and exciting day because they’ve packed some amazing technology into these glasses. The glasses capture 1080p30, 720p60 or 720p30 video and 8MP still images. If you get the Live Smartmod, you will be able to tether to your phone, tablet or connect through a computer to a wifi […]

1507, 2014

DJI Phantom flight over Belén in Iquitos, Peru

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It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience to fly the DJI phantom over the “water streets” of Belen in Iquitos, Peru. There is no dry ground to take off or land the quadcopter, so we launched it from a boat. To make it more difficult, there are power lines everywhere that had to be avoided and because the rainy season just ended, the region is flooded. This means that there is […]

1702, 2014

The Decision To Travel With Mirrorless Cameras

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Going completely mirrorless for my photo & video work has not been an easy decision, but for my personally work I have been mirrorless for a year now.  Next week I am going to be going mirrorless on my first work trip.  Previously I’ve carried a Canon 5D Mark III as my primary camera and either my Sony NEX 5-N or Fuji X-Pro 1 as my backup camera.  Last week I tore a muscle in […]

601, 2014

Video Recording Glasses Review: Pivothead & Google Glass

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I had the pleasure of shooting video with both of these glasses on a recent trip to Haiti and wanted to share my experience with them. Both have their strong points, but I see Pivothead as the stronger of the two from a video production standpoint. Google Glass does have other features that make it a great tool for day-to-day wearing, but the video quality is not as good as Pivothead.

To check out the features […]

2806, 2013

How to Geotag any photos and show them on a Google Map using an iPhone, Lightroom, Flickr, and iMapFlickr

By |June 28th, 2013|Featured, Gear, Sierra Leone, Technology, Tips & Techniques|2 Comments

Over the years, I’ve tried different methods to keep GPS records of the places I’ve been and where I’ve taken photos. Until now, it has been a hassle and I have only done it a few times. Today I’m going to share with you my new process for placing photos and being able to share them on Google Maps. My method isn’t spot […]

2404, 2013

Life At The Beach Timelapse

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I shot these clips in an afternoon while we had offsite meetings about upcoming work projects. The images were captured on a 5D Mark II with a Vello Shutterboss. I shot RAW and edited the images in Lighroom and assembled them in FCPX. I took Richard Harrington’s NAB time-lapse workshop and have been hooked on time-lapse video since. I’m still playing around with settings and finding out what works best. I don’t have any de-flicker software yet, so I decided to enhance the look with flash frames during the edit process.

And if creating a cool Timelapse video isn’t enough for you to try it yourself, you have the added bonus of hundreds of images to pick through to find still frames you like.

2003, 2013

Gear: What I Am Shooting In Sierra Leone

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A lot of people ask me what I shoot when I am out in the field, so I decided to do a quick iPhone video showing what I was using in Pelewanhun, Sierra Leone this week.

1903, 2013

Camera Travel Diary: Pelewanhun, Sierra Leone

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I’ve decided to start keeping a diary of my camera and the places it goes. This is the first one. Operation Blessing came to Pelewanhun to host a free medical clinic and give families Lifestraw Family water filters. Many of the illnesses we treated were caused by drinking dirty water. The symptoms were treated and the Lifestraw will help prevent it in the future.

This photo was taken […]