2906, 2015

PackH2O Backpack For Esther. 

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  Ran into Esther today, who I first met in Kenya 3 years ago when Operation Blessing drilled a well in her village. The photo of her carrying a bucket of water on her backed using a strap on her head has been used to show the benefits of PackH2O water backpacks in USA Today newspapers and for media associated their Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt people’s choice award for design. 


 I was […]

2506, 2015

Arrived In Kenya

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After 26 hours of traveling I’m off to bed under the cover of a mosquito net in Kenya. 

I am are here to capture media about the continued growth of Operation Blessing’s work with the Maasai people. It’s one of my favorite projects to cover because I’m fascinated by their surroundings, way of life, and the impact these programs on their lives. 

This trip is especially fascinating because the Maasai are having a celebration […]

1806, 2014

Innovative PackH20 Backpacks Make It Easier To Carry Water

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2305, 2014

Interview with Peruvian Photographer Mario Borda

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When in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, the most feared creature should be the Mario Borda. He may try to charm you with his big smile, good looks, and quick whit, but be warned…he is dangerously good with a camera – a sharp shooter that always hits the target. I was able to capture this wild beast and sit him down for a short interview to see how he thrives in his environment.

See […]

805, 2014

Peru Update: Pack H2O and shoes for families in the Peruvian highlands

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305, 2014

Amazon Update 5 – Fighting Sexual Abuse of Children

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I edited this on the plane yesterday, uploaded last night at my hotel. I wasn’t going to share it because it was a rushed day, I didn’t have extra time on the ground like I did in the other days when they were spontaneous in free moments -usually traveling. I had a change of mind am decided there are a couple parts in it worth sharing even if it doesn’t all tie together in a […]

205, 2014

Amazon Update 4: A New Home and PackH2O Backpacks

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It was another awesome day here in the Peruvian Amazon! What started out as iPhone videos to send back to my boys has turned into a video journal of sorts. Today’s video is quite a bit longer because I was long winded, didn’t think about how it would all tie together and there is only so much editing you can do on an iPhone. The plus side is that there are several fun and interesting […]

1604, 2014

An Inexpensive Light to Photograph Titai the Maasai Mother

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I arrived in Kimana, Kenya without any lights and had to improvise to be able to shoot video and photos in their homes.  Watch this video to see the cheap and easy solution I found for this photo and for the videos I created to tell their stories.

2403, 2014

A Gateway To Slavery: Human Trafficking From Nepal To India

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I had the eye-opening experience of visiting Birgunj, Nepal to learn about the work Operation Blessing is doing to combat human trafficking in partnership with the Nepali Rescue Project.  The open border between Nepal and India allows citizens of both countries to freely cross the borders without a passport to live and work in either country.  This has a lot of great benefits, but the freedom has a cost.  It has […]

1403, 2014

Poverty Through A Child’s Eyes

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I had the privilege of following 8-year-old Johnny around his village to capture what he found interesting.  Poverty is immediately evident when you arrive arrive in Medan Belize, Haiti – but it looks different through a child’s eyes.  I saw hardship and awful living conditions but Johnny saw his family, his home, and a goal for his future.  It is exciting to see the work that Operation Blessing is doing in the community and the […]