1607, 2013

Saving The World From A Child’s Point Of View

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Captain America Dino

Welcome to my awesome world of superhero children.  Both of my boys are currently going through a superhero phase during an age when they understand role playing. It is a ton of fun. In their young minds, superheroes save the world – but make a point to say, “God can still beat up superheroes because He’s the strongest.”  We just finished painting and modifying a bunk bed we found for $35 on Craigslist to be a fun fort for them, complete with a slide.  Our youngest son Dominic just turned 3 and received costumes to allow them to transform into superheroes.  Now that the bed project is done and I have room in my garage again, I decided to turn it into a “bat cave” photo studio to entice my boys to come out for a superhero photo shoot.  So far I’ve only convinced Dino to dress up and come out, but I think that Domi will come around once he sees his brother’s, “Captain America,” photos.

Superhero Photo shoot setup

I used a two-flash setup to light the photos, knowing that I would be editing them into the images show here.  The look of the final product directed the lighting I was trying to achieve.  I was counting on using ambient light spilling through the garage door as my key, so that I could use my two flashes as side lights, but as you can see it took longer than expected to convince him to come get dressed and come out.  This was also my first attempt using my Fuji X-Pro1 with my Canon speedlites.  The setup worked pretty well, but I was disappointed that the fastest shutter speed I could operate my Pocketwizards was 1/125s.  While I love the shutter dial, the jump from 1/125s to 1/250s is a bit of a bummer.  With my 5D, I was usually at 1/200S.

Captain America Kid Triple ThreatRegardless of the techy stuff, everything came together and we had a lot of fun.  I showed him pictures of Captain America posters and poses and he did his best to mimic them – hilarious.  Since he is a 4-year-old model/director, it was comical to try to get him to do the poses I wanted – he always had a better idea.  At one point he took of his mask and put on the new swim goggles my wife had bought for him that night – she went shopping with Domi and I used the opportunity to be the crazy photographer dad.  I used the goggle photos to work on the lighting while still allowing him to offer his creative input.  After he ran around the yard adorned with his orange crab goggles, he came back ready for more photos as Captain America and turned on the charm – by charm, I mean, tough guy poses.  After about 10 minutes of shooting we called it a wrap and went in to slide down his new bunk bed slide.  Apparently superheroes slide faster – that or the fabric has something to do with it.Captain America Kid black background

I stayed up late and edited the photos so he could see them first thing in the morning.   In the end we didn’t save the world, but seeing the look of joy on his face when he saw his photos made him feel like he did.

Check out some of the unedited extras poses he through at me below. […]

1207, 2013

“Water Is Life.” Digital Art Project

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Water Is Life Digital Art Project

In my travels around the world, there is one thing that I hear over and over, “Water is life.” Granted, unclean water can lead to sickness and death, but the lack of water is even more detrimental.  Not only does our body need water to live, but it is also instrumental for growing crops, keeping animals, […]

507, 2013

Happy Independence Day From My Family To Yours

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We are very thankful for the freedoms that we have here in the United States because of the sacrifice of service men and women.  We had a fun evening filled with fireworks, sparklers, and patriotic music.


904, 2013

VIDEO: Shooting Time Lapse in Red Rock Canyon at NAB

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A quick video from my first experience shooting time lapse at Red Rock Canyon. It includes some photos and the time lapse shots I captured at the workshop. This is my first time at NAB and my first time shooting time lapse photography. I bought a Vello Intervalometer for my birthday back in January, but have not had the time or energy to invest in learning time lapse. […]

303, 2013

First Shoot Using My Sony NEX-5N With An External Flash

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This weekend my wife asked me to take some new photos of the boys, but I made the mistake of leaving my Canon 5D Mark II at work. I had taken it in as a backup camera for the office because I had our cameras with me in Mali. The weather was gray here and I decided that it would be fun to do some “tough boy” photos. I recently purchased an EZFoto adapter that allows me to use my Canon flashes – more importanly my Pocketwizards – with my Sony NEX-5N. Here are a few of the fun photos I took with my boys in a very short window of time – due to the cold weather.

I used the kit Sony 18-55mm lens and the Pocketwizard to trigger a Canon 580EX II flash with a Lumiquest Promax diffuser.

I love this little camera and the power it packs in a small body because of its APS-C sensor.  Having adapters for external flashes and vintage lenses makes it even more powerful.  Hoping to harness this power out in the field someday very soon.

I would highly recommend the Sony NEX line of cameras to anyone looking for a small camera with interchangeable lenses.  The NEX-5n has been replaced by the NEX-5R which has added a few great features – wireless sharing is one of them.  I am highly anticipating the replacement for the NEX-7.  The NEX-7 has a better sensor than the 5 and more dials to manually adjust the features on-the-fly.  It is exciting to see what Sony is doing with mirrorless cameras.

(Photos quickly edited in Adobe Lightroom and using Camera+ on my iPhone.)


1801, 2013

Peephole Pagoda Gardens

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20120704_untitled shoot_321_WEB.jpg
I didn’t stray very far from home to get this shot. I arrived early to scout locations for a family portrait of some friends at the Pagod Gardens in downton Norfolk, VA and snagged this shot while I waited for them to arrive. After trying several different HDR settings of the shot, I decided to take it into Lightroom and work with different color treatments until it felt a […]

1101, 2013


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An image has the power to promote change. Harness that power and use it for good.
(Digital drawing created with 53’s Paper app for iPad)

It is almost 2am, but I’ve had a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head as I look forward to attending Regent University’s “Seeking Justice for the Least of These” symposium tomorrow. Part of me was thinking about how great it is to hear […]

301, 2013

34th Birthday Self-Portrait

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I turned 34 today and on my Facebook wall, a friend said I should post a birthday self-portrait so that people could “like” it. In many ways, this is a pretty accurate account for most of my online storytelling – photos. That’s how I see and share the world and how people interact with me. So it was a fitting request and an idea that spawned a […]

3012, 2012

25 Days Of Christmas (Photos)

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Christmas is past, but I have a fun idea that you can use next year.  My wife decided to start getting our Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving this year.  At first I thought it was crazy, but it really helped bring back some of the childhood excitement that surrounds Christmas.  That isn’t the idea, this is —> Create a Christmas countdown calendar with photos for the following year.  This year I decided to create a new image every day of December and post them on Instagram, culminating on Christmas Day – 25 days total.  It was a fun creative exercise that helped me get into the Christmas spirit.  I love the twinkle of Christmas from the lights, garland,  glitter, ornaments, to sun shining through falling snow (unfortunately I don’t see that very often since moving to VA) and wanted to capture it.


2412, 2012

Digital Christmas Card

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Merry Christmas from my family to yours. As a creative person, I like to explore new ways to be creative with digital Christmas cards and thought I would do something a little different this year. Instead of a photo, I decided to try my hand with a digital art project. I hope you it blesses you. A version of the card can be found below to save, print, use as a desktop, etc. […]