203, 2014

Shooting The Reef In Roatan, Honduras At Sunrise

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On my last day in Roatan, Honduras I woke up early to capture HDR images of the beach outside my hotel at sunrise. The sun was rising behind me, but the color of the light was still seen on the clouds in the sky on my side of the island. It was the only morning I had available because every other day we were up early to travel to the island of St. Helene. In […]

1501, 2014

Riding Elephants In Nepal

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When it comes to elephants, I have a hard time with restraint.   Therefore, I am posting way more photos than I normally would in any other post.  While in Nepal, I had an amazing opportunity to ride an elephant through the jungle early in the morning.  It wasn’t planned, but we had an off morning before catching a flight back to Kathmandu and there happened […]

3110, 2013

Photographing Shyam The Photographer In Nepal

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A photograph of the photographer shooting a photograph of me, a photographer. We had to get passport photos in order to purchase local SIM cards for our phones. Shyam’s studio was better equipped and took better photos than we would’ve got from Walgreens. He then let me shoot a portrait of him – he even slipped his wireless trigger onto my Fuji X-Pro1 so I could fire his […]

309, 2013

September Desktop Wallpaper: Rural Kenyan Home At Sunset

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Maasai Home At Sunset In Kenya

I passed this home every day as I travelled to and from my hotel room to the Operation Blessing farm in Kimana, Kenya. Every day it grabbed my attention. When we headed back to shoot a sunset time lapse after dinner, we decided this was the perfect place to stop and capture it. Sadly, this is one […]

1505, 2013

She Must Learn A Trade Or She Will Become The Trade.

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On the lively streets of Kissy Dockyard, women wash clothes and clean fish while men work on cars. But for some women who don’t have work – they sell their body on the streets. So Operation Blessing is working with a local woman named Ms. B., on a sewing project geared toward teaching young women a trade that will keep them off the streets.

We sat down with Ms. B. and she told us about the situation and how she has been trying to help the young women, “They no got no daddy. Some, their daddy died. Some, they’re not responsible. So no me just alone to try to educate them, try to encourage them with words, that this life they are living is not good. But we encourage them, so they’re not going to go out on the streets.”

1005, 2013

Birthed Out Of War: A New Hope For Orphans In Liberia

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I had the honor of spending time with Ms Edith and over 5o joy-filled children that are in her care at Hope In Christ Orphanage Mission just outside Monrovia, Libera. Ms. Edith is an amazing woman. During the Liberian conflict, Edith started helping children in 1992 because of conflict in Liberia that left them orphaned. It started with one baby she found and rescued only to lose her own child soon after. The stories she told were tragic, but her compassion and calling has allowed many children to succeed under difficult circumstances. I pray that my life can be even 1/4 as touching as hers. Her life hasn’t been easy and she is a mother to hundreds of children in Liberia – and because of their success, she has a Joy that many cannot even imagine.

303, 2013

First Shoot Using My Sony NEX-5N With An External Flash

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This weekend my wife asked me to take some new photos of the boys, but I made the mistake of leaving my Canon 5D Mark II at work. I had taken it in as a backup camera for the office because I had our cameras with me in Mali. The weather was gray here and I decided that it would be fun to do some “tough boy” photos. I recently purchased an EZFoto adapter that allows me to use my Canon flashes – more importanly my Pocketwizards – with my Sony NEX-5N. Here are a few of the fun photos I took with my boys in a very short window of time – due to the cold weather.

I used the kit Sony 18-55mm lens and the Pocketwizard to trigger a Canon 580EX II flash with a Lumiquest Promax diffuser.

I love this little camera and the power it packs in a small body because of its APS-C sensor.  Having adapters for external flashes and vintage lenses makes it even more powerful.  Hoping to harness this power out in the field someday very soon.

I would highly recommend the Sony NEX line of cameras to anyone looking for a small camera with interchangeable lenses.  The NEX-5n has been replaced by the NEX-5R which has added a few great features – wireless sharing is one of them.  I am highly anticipating the replacement for the NEX-7.  The NEX-7 has a better sensor than the 5 and more dials to manually adjust the features on-the-fly.  It is exciting to see what Sony is doing with mirrorless cameras.

(Photos quickly edited in Adobe Lightroom and using Camera+ on my iPhone.)


1602, 2013

Mali: Relief For Victims Of Civil War

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I spent the past week doing relief work for Operation Blessing in war-torn Mali. The fighting in the northern part of the country has caused people to seek refuge in the south or in bordering countries. According to UN reports, more than 4 million people need humanitarian assistance. I was on the ground as Operation Blessing started their relief efforts. Once we landed in Mali, we didn’t have to go far to find refugees that needed assistance. They aren’t visible at first glance because the Malian government has done a good job finding structures and homes for them to stay in, but many of their needs are the same as those seen living in tents – food, medicine, bedding, blankets, mosquito nets, cooking supplies, and more. […]

2801, 2013

Nigerien Villagers Sow Seeds And Reap Hope

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It’s not everyday that you get to jump in a rickety canoe, cross floodwaters, and deliver relief supplies to a community that is surrounded by water, but that is exactly what I did with members of the Operation Blessing Niger team. After months of drought throughout the Sahel region of Africa, the people of Niger were suffering due to poor harvest. For the people of Moli, it was compounded by 2 days of hard rain that the dry ground could not handle. It caused the Niger River to overflow it’s banks and flood the village – destroying all of their crops, killing their cattle, completely destroying over 75 homes, and leaving other homes in need of major repair.

3012, 2012

25 Days Of Christmas (Photos)

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Christmas is past, but I have a fun idea that you can use next year.  My wife decided to start getting our Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving this year.  At first I thought it was crazy, but it really helped bring back some of the childhood excitement that surrounds Christmas.  That isn’t the idea, this is —> Create a Christmas countdown calendar with photos for the following year.  This year I decided to create a new image every day of December and post them on Instagram, culminating on Christmas Day – 25 days total.  It was a fun creative exercise that helped me get into the Christmas spirit.  I love the twinkle of Christmas from the lights, garland,  glitter, ornaments, to sun shining through falling snow (unfortunately I don’t see that very often since moving to VA) and wanted to capture it.