1807, 2015

Shooting A Sunset Over The Grand Canyon

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I had the amazing opportunity to take a family vacation to Arizona and was able to spend the day at the Grand Canyon. After spending time with my family there this afternoon, my wife arranged for me to go back on my own to shoot the sunset. It was a breathtaking experience. I’ve travelled all over the world, but can’t think of any place that wowed me as much as the Grand Canyon.

The skies were […]

1710, 2014

How To Create Fun Composite Images On Your iPhone

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This is a quick look at the apps and techniques I used to create this fun Iron Man composite of my son in one of his costumes. These tips can be applied in many ways and their are many apps that can do it. I have several “multiple exposure” or “compositing” apps, but like the Union interface and ease of use to quickly get great results.

Here is a look at the final photo:

3005, 2014

My Favorite iPhone Photo Processing Techniques

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I have been shooting photography with my iPhone since the original came out.  At one point in time I considered it an art of its own, but now incorporate it into all of my work – from photos to videos.  The quality is very good and the ability to edit and share photos on the fly is amazing.  I even process some of my photos from other cameras on my iPhone because I really like […]

2405, 2014

Free Lightroom 5 Preset: Vintage Reds

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TCece_Vintage_Red_Effect_PolaroidAfter reviewing stats to my site and seeing that many of you are drawn by my Lightroom Presets, I’ve decided to start adding more of the presets I’ve created for sets of my photos.  I went back into some of my recent trips and found the Vintage Reds presets I created for my Kenya Maasai photos.  You can see the dramatic before and after in […]

2305, 2014

Interview with Peruvian Photographer Mario Borda

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When in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, the most feared creature should be the Mario Borda. He may try to charm you with his big smile, good looks, and quick whit, but be warned…he is dangerously good with a camera – a sharp shooter that always hits the target. I was able to capture this wild beast and sit him down for a short interview to see how he thrives in his environment.

See […]

1604, 2014

An Inexpensive Light to Photograph Titai the Maasai Mother

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I arrived in Kimana, Kenya without any lights and had to improvise to be able to shoot video and photos in their homes.  Watch this video to see the cheap and easy solution I found for this photo and for the videos I created to tell their stories.

203, 2014

Shooting The Reef In Roatan, Honduras At Sunrise

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On my last day in Roatan, Honduras I woke up early to capture HDR images of the beach outside my hotel at sunrise. The sun was rising behind me, but the color of the light was still seen on the clouds in the sky on my side of the island. It was the only morning I had available because every other day we were up early to travel to the island of St. Helene. In […]

2702, 2014

Roatan Reef From the Sky

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Overlooking the reef in the West Bay of Roatan. The water is clear and the reefs are incredible which attracts many snorkelers and divers. I only had 30 minutes of daylight left, so it was a short, but beautiful swim to the end of this peninsula.

This morning I returned before our flight out to get some footage and pictures with a DJI Phantom and GoPro. […]

2602, 2014

Postcard From Honduras

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The past few days my main transportation has been by boat. While traveling today I saw this scene of Little Pigeon Key and thought it looked like a postcard. I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag and created a few frames.

I also enjoyed my first deep sea fishing adventure and met some fascinating people. Tomorrow I return home, so I wanted to send this […]

2602, 2014

Water Flows For The First Time At Edwin’s Home.

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11year old Edwin is excited about the water that now flows from a new water tap at his home. Like other women and children on Saint Helena (Santa Elena), he used to walk to get water when it was available. One of the main sources of their water was rain, but that wasn’t always available. Now, thanks to Operation Blessing International, every family on the island has water readily available […]