2906, 2015

PackH2O Backpack For Esther. 

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  Ran into Esther today, who I first met in Kenya 3 years ago when Operation Blessing drilled a well in her village. The photo of her carrying a bucket of water on her backed using a strap on her head has been used to show the benefits of PackH2O water backpacks in USA Today newspapers and for media associated their Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt people’s choice award for design. 


 I was […]

1806, 2014

Innovative PackH20 Backpacks Make It Easier To Carry Water

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805, 2014

Peru Update: Pack H2O and shoes for families in the Peruvian highlands

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205, 2014

Amazon Update 4: A New Home and PackH2O Backpacks

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It was another awesome day here in the Peruvian Amazon! What started out as iPhone videos to send back to my boys has turned into a video journal of sorts. Today’s video is quite a bit longer because I was long winded, didn’t think about how it would all tie together and there is only so much editing you can do on an iPhone. The plus side is that there are several fun and interesting […]

2602, 2014

Water Flows For The First Time At Edwin’s Home.

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11year old Edwin is excited about the water that now flows from a new water tap at his home. Like other women and children on Saint Helena (Santa Elena), he used to walk to get water when it was available. One of the main sources of their water was rain, but that wasn’t always available. Now, thanks to Operation Blessing International, every family on the island has water readily available […]

2402, 2014

Traveling Image: Santa Elena, Honduras

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The sun is setting here on the beautiful island of Santa Elena (Island of Helene), Honduras. Even more beautiful is that all the families in all 6 barrios now have easy access to water at their homes.


I’m covering an amazing story that came together because Operation Blessing International’s President, Bill Horan, asked questions and listened to the needs of locals during […]

902, 2014

When, Why and How To Save A Bad Photo

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While the best option is to make the image right when you are taking it, sometimes factors are beyond your control.  Every once in a while there are images we need to save.  Here is an image I didn’t get right while capturing it, why I wanted to save it, and how it was possible.  I post this, not to endorse making bad images, but because I was going to share the image and wanted […]

1010, 2013

A Widowed Maasai Mother’s Struggle To Survive

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Life is not easy for Maasai women in Kenya. While the men tend to their herd of animals, the women care for the children, cook meals, and build the homes they live in. For Susan, the last three years have been even more difficult after her husband passed away. I met Susan in Kimana, Kenya while the Operation Blessing team was doing surveys of the families in the community who benefit from their school […]

2808, 2013

Maasai Life Through A Child’s Eyes

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See how the Maasai live from a child’s perspective. Little 8-year-old Naresiah walks you around her village and home to show you what life is like for her. It was a blessing for me to spend time with her capturing her story and seeing the work that Operation Blessing is doing to help Naresiah and Maasai children like her.

1207, 2013

“Water Is Life.” Digital Art Project

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Water Is Life Digital Art Project

In my travels around the world, there is one thing that I hear over and over, “Water is life.” Granted, unclean water can lead to sickness and death, but the lack of water is even more detrimental.  Not only does our body need water to live, but it is also instrumental for growing crops, keeping animals, […]