1309, 2016

What’s In My Camera Bag? How To Travel With Carry-On Luggage Only

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I’m packing my bags for another trip and thought I’d share what I packed in them this time. It’s a rare non-international photo trip for…and I’m only going overnight, so it’s a bit different ball game than I’m used to. Here’s a quick look at what I decided to fit into my carry-on.

608, 2016

Feeding The River Monster In The Peruvian Amazon – Arapaima (Paiche)

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I had the unique opportunity to see and feed the large Amazon River fish featured on and episode of the River Monsters TV show – the Arapaima (called Paiche in Peru). We were filming stories about a woman who Operation Blessing Peru helped by restoring her taxi boat business after a “river monster” destroyed it and many other boats and latrines they have built near the shore line. In this particular case, it was a […]

2301, 2016

San Francisco Cable Car Ride In 360° Virtual Reality

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While on vacation in San Francisco, California, I took my first every Cable Car ride. It was mesmerizing to travel up and down the crazy hills through traffic and tourists on a trolley pulled by a cable. The ingenuity behind these cable cars is fascinating. I pulled out my Ricoh Theta S to share the experience with those who have not been. I rode it from Powell and Market St all the way to Fisherman’s […]

712, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg In 360° VR with Ricoh Theta S

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(Requires Chrome browser or the YouTube mobile app to view properly)

After waiting for the Ricoh Theta S I ordered to be in stock and ship, I finally got it right before our family trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA to shoot it in 360° Virtual Reality. This VR tour will briefly let you see the fife and drum a horse drawn carriage and take you with us on a tour of the Governor’s Palace, Bruton Parish Church, the Colonial Gardens and the Magazine.

2309, 2014

Greetings from Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua has been our home base for the week as we’ve captured Operation Blessing stories in neighboring communities. We’ve met some wonderful people, seen a lot of amazing places and I can’t wait to share them with the world.

1507, 2014

DJI Phantom flight over Belén in Iquitos, Peru

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It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience to fly the DJI phantom over the “water streets” of Belen in Iquitos, Peru. There is no dry ground to take off or land the quadcopter, so we launched it from a boat. To make it more difficult, there are power lines everywhere that had to be avoided and because the rainy season just ended, the region is flooded. This means that there is […]

1806, 2014

Innovative PackH20 Backpacks Make It Easier To Carry Water

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3005, 2014

My Favorite iPhone Photo Processing Techniques

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I have been shooting photography with my iPhone since the original came out.  At one point in time I considered it an art of its own, but now incorporate it into all of my work – from photos to videos.  The quality is very good and the ability to edit and share photos on the fly is amazing.  I even process some of my photos from other cameras on my iPhone because I really like […]

505, 2014

Update from Isca Pataza & the Uros Islands in Puno, Peru

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Today we traveled to two very interesting places – Isca Pataza and the Uros Islands. The highlands of Peru are one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited and are very memorable because of the interesting cultures that inhabit them. Watch the video to see two completely different and unique places. One group lives near Lake Titicaca and the other on it.

Below are a few iPhone photos from the day:

305, 2014

Puno, Peru non-update with help from Leandro’s Ukulele

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I am a musician and have played guitar on and off for 20 years, so I appreciate new music I hear everywhere I go. From the Maasai song and dance, to Nepali street musicians, to Leandro playing his ukulele in front of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. I stopped and listened to Leandro for a moment, was intrigued and almost walked away. I turned back and asked if he minded if I took his picture […]