309, 2013

September Desktop Wallpaper: Rural Kenyan Home At Sunset

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Maasai Home At Sunset In Kenya

I passed this home every day as I travelled to and from my hotel room to the Operation Blessing farm in Kimana, Kenya. Every day it grabbed my attention. When we headed back to shoot a sunset time lapse after dinner, we decided this was the perfect place to stop and capture it. Sadly, this is one […]

1108, 2013

August Wallpaper: Kenyan Sunset

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Kenyan Sunset Acacia Tree
I had the joy of shooting the setting sun in Kimana, Kenya last evening. Kimana is a beautiful area full of Acacia trees and a gorgeous view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kibo, wild animals, and wonderful Maasai families. The mountains were covered in clouds, so this Acacia became the subject for the time-lapse video I was capturing. After the sun disappeared below […]

1701, 2013

Bamboo Wallpaper

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Tony Cece Bamboo Williamsburg Wallpaper

 My family and I visited Williamsburg just before Christmas to spend time as a family and look at the decorations.  One of my favorite spots is a little path of bamboo next to the Public Gaol (jail).  I had my Sony NEX 5N with an EOS adapter that allowed me to travel light but use the shallow depth-of-field that my […]

1708, 2012

Wallpaper: Dead Sea Reflections

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Dead Sea Reflections, Israel, 2011

I found this photo while archiving an old hard drive.  This was taken last September when I visited Israel to capture Operation Blessing stories.  We passed by the Dead Sea on our way to the city of Arad to meet with Sudanese refugees that were part of our repatriation program.  These calcifying […]

2505, 2012

Elephant Wallpaper From Kenya

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Elephant Wallpaper from Kenya for 1680 x 1050 resolution

Today my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary  and I thought it would be fun to share  a new wallpaper on this very special day.  I hope you enjoy this new elephant wallpaper from a recent trip to Kenya.

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705, 2012

Peruvian Sunset Wallpaper

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Lima, Peru Sunset wallpaper with Isle San Lorenzo in the distance

This photo was taken in Lima, Peru while I was on a shoot with Vida Dura. Waves were crashing the the rocky shores as we watched the sun setting over Isle San Lorenzo.

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1303, 2011

Peacock Wallpaper

By |March 13th, 2011|Featured, Personal, Photography, USA, Wallpapers|2 Comments

Peacock wallpaperAfter all this talk about elephants and my logo, I decided to take my family to the zoo today.  The elephants were awesome and definitely a favorite, but this peacock was strutting his stuff for us.  Enjoy a colorful wallpaper, compliments of my son who we took to the zoo today.

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1102, 2011

Not The Brightest Light In The Sky

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Not The Brightest Light In The Sky(click on photo to get larger photo to use as a desktop wallpaper)

There are days that i go out looking for something to photograph and come back without having seen much of interest – some of the time it is that I don’t feel inspired, other times it has to do with what I feel like other’s […]

1002, 2011

Winter Lingers

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Winter Lingers In Virginia Beach Wallpaper

(click on photo to get larger photo to use as a desktop wallpaper)

It is warming up, but winter wasn’t done with Virginia Beach. Celebrate the snow with this warm desktop background I shot on my lunch break.