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My Other Sites

  • @tonycece | Follow me on twitter for the most up-to-date info.  My twitter goes into overdrive when I travel and is a good way to keep up with the projects I’m working on.  It does slow down a little when I’m back in the office and working hard to get the photos edited and stories produced
  • | A portfolio of my photographs taken and edited strictly with my iPhone.
  • Socially Succinct | A tumblr blog that, like the name implies, is used for catching short snippets of life – quotes, links, photos, videos, etc.  Most of the time they are not humanitarian or photography based and wouldn’t appear on this site, but some are also found on the blog here.


Operation Blessing International

I am employed by OBI and proud of our efforts to bring relief to those who are suffering in dozens of countries every day.  Find out more about our programs and keep up with the work we are doing.

Photographers That Inspire Me

Esther Havens | David DuChemin | Jeremy Cowart | Matt Powell | Matt Brandon | Gary S. Chapman | Timothy Allen

International Guild of Visual Peacemakers: IGVP

I am a member of the IGVP because I believe they have a worthy vision for photographers that work to show the dignity of the people we capture in an effort to help bring societies together. We work to build bridges between people groups with our images.